The Mandalorian Disney Plus series review

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

With a new, highly anticipated season of Disney's "The Mandalorian" just days away from premiering on Disney Plus, what better time than now to reflect on the first season of the series and see why so many people are looking forward to the premiere of the second season. First things first, the show is good, many would call it great, and there is a community of Star Wars fans online calling this series the best thing to come from the Star Wars franchise since the original trilogy. Now, it would be unfair for me or anyone who wasn’t around when the original Star Wars trilogy premiered in theaters to make such a statement, but having watched the Mandalorian and the original trilogy I can understand the parallels being drawn between the two. Much like the original Star Wars film trilogy, the first season of the Mandalorian is a fun, exciting adventure with a masterful mixture of levity and gravitas that die-hard Star Wars fans and the average television viewer can enjoy in equal measure.

The Mandalorian Disney Plus series review
Mando and the "baby"


The cast of the Mandalorian is not a distinguished line-up of academy award-winning actors, and I couldn't care less. Pedro Pascal, whom many know from his roles as Oberyn “The Viper” Martell in HBO’s Game of Thrones or Javier Peña in Netflixs Narcos, does another great job playing an independent rogue struggling to do the right thing. That is not to say that he carries the show, former MMA fighter Gina Carano as Cara Dune, a former rebel soldier turned mercenary, and veteran actor Carl Weathers as Greef Karga, the leader of a bounty hunter guild play these recurring roles in the series to perfection. Each casting choice in the Mandalorian serves to help with world-building and making the audience feel as though we are viewing a diverse, living universe without any glaring errors that I could find.

The Mandalorian Disney Plus series review
Gina Carano


Ok, I'll try to keep this spoiler-free, but I won’t make any promises so proceed at your own risk. The parallels that the Mandalorian draws to the original Star Wars trilogy of the 1970s is understandable because at its core the Mandalorian is a fun adventure through space. Though, that is only what draws the audience in, what will keep you watching more than anything is the main character, Din Djarin, who is commonly referred to as “Mando”. Compelling, interesting, complex, and shrouded in enough mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat without distracting from the main overarching narrative of the series. Also, the relationships “Mando” has with the other characters both good and bad are always entertaining and interesting. This is especially true for one character that “Mando” encounters early in the series, the character that is with “Mando” most consistently. I am going to give a spoiler alert if you don’t want to know anything about the series at all be