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The White Lotus HBO Series Review - How Vacations Never Go as Planned

Hearing the title for the White Lotus HBO Series made me think it was a thriller on the lines of the Lotus-eaters tale. While the title makes sense for the resort (or any resort) in the series, it doesn't have much to do with its dramedy plot.

White Lotus HBO Limited Series
White Lotus HBO Series

Directed by Jack Black's foil in The School of Rock, Mike Hill, this is a welcome departure from happy-go-lucky content on vacations available currently.

White Lotus HBO Limited Series Review
Great Cinematography in White Lotus

The music sounds Hawaiian with some atonal melodies thrown in and will be a big reason why you might continue to watch this show. The cinematography is really good as well showcasing how peaceful Hawaii can be if you let it work its magic over you.


Everyone expects their vacations to go well right from the time they check in. But most people will agree that vacations on average lead to subverted expectations, some unresolved issues cropping up, and crappy hotel service. White Lotus leans into this trope and explores how people counting on a resort to help them unwind gives them more than they bargained for.

White Lotus Dramedy Series
The Mosbachers

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We follow the stay of different guests at the hotel through the course of the series. There's the typical dysfunctional family that can't get along, with Steve Zahn and Connie Biton playing the Mossbachers bringing along their children and their daughter's friend. Also, the trainwreck of a wealthy single white woman played by Jennifer Coolidge is delightfully messy as a person. Then there is the spoilt trust fund brat (Jake Lacy) with his trophy wife (Alexandra Daddario) who is never happy with anything in life.

The life of the hotel staff serves as a great contrast against the affluent guests' white people problems. Murray Bartlett plays Armand, the recovered alcoholic hotel manager who maintains a plastic smile despite what he feels on the inside.

The twists in this HBO series are super fun and more unexpected than you would think. They do use shock value a lot to keep the viewers engaged, but it's not gratuitous ( mostly) while delivering the plot twist.


The cast is amazing in White Lotus with Alexandra Daddario looking as if she drinks directly from the fountain of youth. Comedy stalwarts such as Steve Zahn and Jennifer Coolidge lead the pack along with great performances from Jake Lacy, Molly Shannon, and Connie Briton.

White Lotus HBO Series
The Lady and the Douche

Sydney Sweeney, Fred Hechinger, and Brittany O'Grady play their parts well as siblings and friends respectively who are all out on vacation together.

Should You Watch It? - Yes!

These are hour-long episodes taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions, so I would recommend watching it one episode at a time or it would not feel as good. But definitely go ahead and watch the whole series since it is as good as they come.

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