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NightPurr the Cosplayer about her Cosplay Hobby

We catch up with one of our favorite cosplayers, NightPurr to see how 2024 is going for her and what's new with her life. NightPurr talks about her cosplay hobby and her life as a realtor.

1: Are you still into training people for fitness? How have things changed after COVID?

I’ve built a small home gym and left the gym industry. I don’t train or manage anymore. I'm actually in real estate now.

During COVID, it was tough on the gym industry, with lots of virtual training and depleted hours.

A previous conversation with NightPurr Interview with a Cosplayer: Taking up Cosplay as a Hobby

2. Have you made whole new groups of friends based on your cosplay hobby?

Yes! I’ve made some new friends along the way! And it’s easier to make new friends and connections when you meet people because it’s another hobby or thing you can bond on.

3. Do you think cosplay has a place beyond Halloween such as in education?

NightPurr at a renaissance fair with a dog

Oh yes, it goes hand in hand with creative courses. Sewing, drawing, sculpting, etc. I received a sewing machine a few years ago and still need to learn how to fully use it!

4. Did you ever get proposed to while in cosplay? Any similar encounters? haha

What do you mean proposed to? Haha as people comment on how we look all the time but in this area people are usually really respectable. Now online.. can be a different story haha!

5. I mean do people ask you out while looking like a better version of Gal Gadot?

Haha awww, thank you!!

Well, I’m 6’0” so a lot of the comments I get are about my height. Not too creative on the pickup lines- just comparing me to anything large or tall 🤣

Apparently, in person, I have RBF and can intimidate some people so a lot of people don’t even comment on my looks much.

6. Do you ever plan to teach cosplay to others? How about YouTube Tutorials?

I don’t know if I feel that confident in my skill or have enough experience to do things online but I definitely have helped my close friends get into cosplay and get some costumes together!

7. Are you more efficient at makeup, now that you cosplay regularly?

Oh most definitely! And I’ve watched a lot of other cosplayers and their YouTube videos or just thumb through their photos for inspiration

8. Are you able to get ready fast a la Linda Carter in the original Wonder Woman?

Night Purr as Wonder Woman

😂😂😂 I can get my Wonder Woman costume ready makeup and all in about 45-60 mins!

9. What are you looking forward to in 2024? What are your resolutions?

I would love to spend more time on my Cosplay. Some of them need attention (sewing, gluing, resizing) and I’d like to fully create my cosplay from scratch

10. Could you talk more about your princess for a day cosplay?

NightPurr as Princess Aurora

Yes! That is from “Party Perfections” a group from another cosplayer I met and she hosts annual events for children. Princess for a Day is an event for 500 or more foster children in Oregon. We volunteer and try and make the kids’ day fun and special! That day I was Princess Aurora (sleeping beauty) but who knows who I’ll be this coming year 😆

11. Can I know more about your real estate life?

Absolutely! I’m licensed in Oregon and Washington.

2021 and 2022 were crazy busy for the Portland metro area but now it’s shifted to Vancouver, WA. Most of my work is in Washington so I spend a lot of my time in traffic crossing the bridge 😂😂. Before, in 2021 and 2022, houses would come on the market on a Thursday and have an offer deadline on Sunday night so buyers would have to act quickly and the offer over asking price to get a home.

Now it’s a bit more “normal.” You can get homes at list price or under list price but sometimes there are still multiple offer situations where there are 10 or more offers on a single home.

There is much more work-life balance. When I managed the gym I was salaried and never took time off, my phone was always ringing and I was constantly feeling stressed.

12. Please rate your cosplays based on relatability, coolness, comfort, and speed.

a. Wonder Woman by far is the most comfortable, quickest to put on, and is the most complete.

b. Catwoman is my favorite but there are tweaks I want to make- it takes a bit more time to put on (hair and makeup-wise)

c. Zatanna is unfinished- I’m missing the coat unless I’m doing Justice League Dark. But that’s a relatively easy one just not my fav (until I focus on her more.

d. Sadie was a quick one I put together with stuff I already have after I played Red Dead 2. It’s not great but if I spent time on it I’d rather do Arthur instead.



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