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Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Series Review - Fast-paced and more exciting

Updated: May 10

Beth, Annie, and Ruby are in it again for good in The Good Girls Season 4 of the Netflix series which turned housewives into badasses. As expected, Season 4 of this series left the viewers with a real barn burner with Beth resting on a playground bench and the camera panning out.

Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Series Review
Beth and Rio

With regard to life choices, The Good Girls trio are no better off now than they were when they got into this big hot mess. But from an audience viewpoint, things move faster, there is less wallowing and self-doubt meaning more action in a smaller time frame.

Plot: Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Series

Beth becomes the one who knocks in this season (Re: Heisenberg in Breaking Bad) with Ruby and Annie facing demons of their own. Beth and Dean Boland now not only have to answer to "Gang Friend" (why is this so funny when Ruby/Retta says it) Rio, but they also have the Feds on their back.

Dean Boland gets into a whole lot of trouble on account of his wife and harbors wholesale resentment towards her.

The Cast of Good Girls Season 4

FBI agents

FBI agents Phoebe Donnegan and Dave played by Lauren Lapkus, and Jonathan Silverman make the lives of our Good Girls more difficult and ours that much more fun! Lapkus and Silverman have great chemistry and are incredibly funny on their own as well.

Lapkus shines in this role as a nerdy slob with dry wit. Silverman is the guy who's a bit exhausted and knows when things are pointless but thrives on the energy of his nerdy partner.

Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Series Review
FBI Agents - Phoebe and Dave


Coming to the gang friend Rio, he shows there's more to him than shaking down people for money and the occasional hit on someone who crosses him. We get to the other associates in his business including his brother who takes a liking to Beth.

Things only get more interesting here - it's nice to see that this season is not as dark as the others before it. We also get to see a little more of Mick (Carlos Aviles) who's gang friend's muscle.


Ruby's marriage is under strain due to the constant lying and illegalities of their everyday life. She begins to question herself as a parent and the kind of influence she and her husband are having on their children.

Ruby's husband Stan has issues with his job as a bouncer at the strip club adding to the strain on their marriage. As is the theme of this series, money problems seem to drive Ruby and Stan to take more desperate steps to keep the status quo.

Stan and Ruby in the Good Girls Season 4
Stan and Ruby in the Good Girls Season 4


Annie is facing alienation from her son as he tends to spend more time with his father and stepmother. Annie's son Ben complains that she isn't stable as a person in general and keeps blowing hot and cold.

This is actually a valid point by Ben as kids crave structure even if they seem to oppose it. Annie interacts with Ben's biological father in this along with her ex-therapist leading to some interesting turns.

Annie with Mick, Rio's muscle in Good Girls Season 4
Annie with Mick, Rio's muscle

How Does the Good Girls Season 4 Compare To The Others?

The first season was on the funny side, whereas the second and third seasons were tense, dark, and reality-heavy. The Good Girls Season 4 is fun, fast, and entertaining, provided you have worked your way through the last 3 seasons to make sense of what's happening in this one.

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