Rose Island – Netflix Movie Review

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Giorgio Rosa, an Italian engineer determined to live by his own rules, on his terms created his micronation in 1968. Insane, I know, but the true story behind the founding of the Republic of Rose Island is the basis behind Netflix's Rose Island.

Rose Island – Netflix Movie Review
The Seed of an Idea

Netflix takes Giorgio Rosa's story and turns it into a lighthearted comedy that honors the efforts of the man. Little is known about the reason the real-life Rosa created the micronation, but the reason the movie gives us is simple. The Giorgio Rosa in the movie is the classical comedic man-child/screwup that Adam Sandler's popularized.

Rose Island – Netflix Movie Review
No Man is an Island - Rose Island

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The film presents the creation of Rose Island as a crazy idea Rosa realizes on a whim because nothing in his life is going right for Rosa. Unfortunately, this becomes a sad metaphor for the entirety of Rose Island. Rose Island has an interesting premise and tries a lot of different things, but they all fall short and feel half-hearted.

Cast and Characters

The cast of the film does a good job. I know, not incredibly interesting criticism, but the cast is far from the biggest issue with Rose Island. I think the cast should be commended for turning in the performances they did with the script they had to work with. Elio Germano puts his all into a heartwarming portrayal of Giorgio Rosa but it's not enough to save this movie. You can tell, especially in the comedic scenes, that the cast was trying to make a good movie, but unfortunately, they couldn't overcome the weight of a subpar execution.