Superintelligence - HBO Max Original Movie Review

In Superintelligence Melissa McCarthy plays the world’s most average person, picked by an A.I entity (voiced by James Corden) to save the world. There is nothing special about her Carol Peters character, aside from the fact that she is single, and her life’s passion to make the world a better place.

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I always get nervous anytime I see Ben Falcone working with McCarthy. Falcone is McCarthy's real-life husband and the director of this film. He manages to take a supremely overqualified supporting cast with Bobby Cannavale, Brian Tyree Henry, and Jean Smart and strand them with nothing to do. It feels like they are standing around waiting for the movie to end, just like the viewers. There is a plot to work through, though, and it is oddly convoluted. Carol was a high-tech “big wig” at Yahoo! who chucked it all, to live a more altruistic existence, volunteering at Seattle pet adoptions. Falcone loves his filler aerial shots of Seattle - you will feel as if you have seen the entire city and parts of Newcastle and Whidbey Island, by the time this thing is done.

Easter Eggs

“Superintelligence” does not move fast enough to deny viewers sufficient time to notice gaping plot holes and character inconsistencies. But there are plenty of pleasant distractions provided by the superabundance of wink-wink pop-culture allusions sprinkled throughout the dialogue. The NSA agents converse knowingly about the real James Corden’s career; one actually caught his Tony Award-winning performance in “One Man, Two Guvnors.” Superintelligence attempts a darkly comical joke with a reference to “War Games.” A gag about “Knight Rider” comes complete with William Daniels’