Utopia Amazon Original Series Review

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Is Utopia the unluckiest show in 2020?

For many, cinema is a tool of escapism. We go to a dark and isolated movie theater for a 2 pm showing and leave wondering why it’s still daytime. Utopia, however, has the opposite effect. It would be impossible to review Utopia without mentioning the creepy parallels the show has with the events in 2020. Even though Gillian Flynn began adapting the British acclaimed show created by Dennis Kelly, 6 years ago, the current relevance of the show’s plot adds a level of eerieness unintended by either Flynn or Kelly. Between a pandemic, a vaccine, and a conspiracy theory that links them both to the end of the world, Utopia may be the most unfortunate show released in recent years.

Amazon Original Series Utopia Review
Utopia - Too on the nose, not by choice! (Image Credit - Amazon Prime Video)


The show centers around 4 eccentric friends that obsess over a comic called Dystopia. In true nerd fashion, this group of friends has only talked to each other over the internet. They plan to finally meet in person at the annual comic book convention Fringe Con. Ian who works as an insurance salesman but has none of the charm, Wilson the conspiracy theorist, Samantha the activist, Becky the nice one, and Grant the 10yr old posing as a middle-aged man, are the band of misfits we follow in this story. They decide to meet at Comic-- I mean Fringe Con. This is because of a young couple who found the unpublished manuscript to the sequel of Dystopia -- called Utopia -- and are selling it to the highest bidder at the conference.

Amazon Original Series Utopia Review
Fringe-Con! (Image Credi